Special Thanks

Just giving a special thanks to those who reached out to us in beginning , Maxwell , Atlantic Records , Jay Z , Ja Rule and Ashanti even after they got player hated on , etc , etc.

A very big special thanks goes out to state of Washington for putting this corner when a lot individuals wouldn't put in Z-e-r-o          ( didn't even cut the cheese ) and was spitting verbal trash ( having a bowel movement at the mouth ) & wouldn't pay for the T.P. to wipe that ish off they mouth , etc.

Also will Always have my hand extended out to a man known as Sir Mix a lot who did the correct thing by handing his career to himself instead begging for hand out from some else ( Record Labels , etc . ). I to a West Coast Recording went with out a record label from when first coming out and even now after M.A.L. ENTERTAINMENT 's foundation has been built still continue   eating that good , good , good ish ( the bill ) bones , and all. I guess certain Recording Artist if you don't absolutely give to them they just don't seem competent to give to themselves.

Last but not least special thanks goes the Fam & the almighty one.



Aka the invisible man at the poker table ,                                                                   M.A.L.